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Questions about Jesus?


Jesus is the most polarizing person in the history of the world. His birth and death are the two most documented events ever recorded. He is considered to be at least a prophet by most major world religions. It seems that everyone wants Jesus on their team; just so long as He is under their own terms. Did Jesus even live? Who did He claim to be? Why does He matter to me, living in this world today? How can I trust that the Bible is telling me the truth?

We are glad you are asking these questions, and we want to help you find the answers. We will deal with some of them here and will point you to some other great resources if you are interested in pursuing more answers.

Did Jesus even live? Ask this question to fifteen people on the street and you may well get 15 answers. Most Christians will tell you “yes, of course I believe it; it’s in the Bible!” What may surprise you is that a dozen or more historical sources outside the Bible also confirm that Jesus did in fact live. Not only do they confirm He lived, these additional sources talk about His death; His miracles; His resurrection from the dead; and His appearance after death to various witnesses. All of these things are reported by secular witnesses who had no connection to the Bible or early church! Jesus is one of the most documented people of the ancient world, even without the Bible. Click here to watch a short video at truelife.org about this subject.

Who did Jesus claim to be? Many in today’s world have opinions about Jesus. Some say that He was a great teacher. Others say that He was a prophet. Still others say that He was just a man, but believed himself to be more; that He was delusional or crazy. Is one of these positions accurate, or could it be that Christians are right in believing that Jesus is the Son of God? The best place to get the answer to this question is to go to Jesus Himself. Come study the Bible with us, and let Jesus tell you who He is.