Our Message, Mission, Roots, and Facilities


Our Mission

Our mission is to do good and to share Good News! Everything that we do at Foothills is centered around these two things. Whether we are serving in with one of our community partners like Vine Maple Place, hosting an even like our annual Eggstravaganza egg hunt and picnic, or givng out free snow cones at Issaquah's Down Home 4th of July celebration, our goal is the same: to show the love of Jesus to others in practical ways and to tell anyone who will listen about Him. We are active in giving, praying and going locally, nationally, and across the globe as we seek to do what we were made for.

What to Expect

At Foothills, we believe in being real with each other. We accept everyone where they are at and walk together as all of us seek to become more like Jesus. Expect authentic intimate worship, meaningful Bible study, genuine hearts, and fresh coffee. Expect a children’s ministry that loves your kids and teachers that challenge and engage your teens. Expect intimate life groups that do life together. You will feel welcome and loved. You will be challenged to grow towards Jesus. Escape the faceless and impersonal. Be known. Be loved. Become like Jesus.


Our Message & Doctrine — What we believe

Our message is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have no creed but the Bible an believe it is God’s Word to us, written by human authors who were divinely inspired. It is true, without mistakes as originally written, revealing God’s plan for salvation. It is our sole source of truth and authority for Christian living.

We believe there is one living and true God who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is the Creator and Ruler of all things. We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ. He was miraculously born of a virgin; lived a sinless life; willingly offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all people by dying on a cross; was bodily resurrected after three days to demonstrate His power over sin and death; ascended to the right hand of the Father; and will return again to earth as King of kings and Lord of lords.

We believe human beings were created by God uniquely in His own image. Human life is sacred and all people are worthy of respect and Christian love. All people have chosen to disobey God and thus are sinners by nature and practice, deserving of the punishment of eternal spiritual death, which is separation from God. We all are in need of God’s forgiveness and salvation. We believe salvation is possible only through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus died for our sins and all who believe in Him find forgiveness and are declared righteous because of His sacrificial death on the cross on our behalf. We can never make up for our sin by self-improvements or good works. A person comes into right relationship with God and receives His free gift of eternal life the moment he/she chooses to turn from their sin and place their faith in Jesus. Salvation is maintained by the grace and power of God, not by the self-effort of the Christian – one cannot "lose" his or her salvation.

We believe in the eternal existence of everyone who ever has lived, either in the everlasting blessedness of being in right relationship with God in heaven, or in the everlasting punishment of those separated from God by their sins in hell. Heaven and hell are real places of eternal existence.

A more detailed explanation of beliefs commonly held by churches cooperating with the Southern Baptist Convention can be found at the following link: Baptist Faith & Message 2000.


Our Roots

Foothills is an instituion in Issaquah, having now been a part of our community for 50 years. In that time, many things have changed in the ways we do things, but our purpose has remained the same. You will be hard pressed to find a more loving, giving and caring group of people than you will at Foothills!


Our Facilities

Sticking with our Baptist roots, you will find our facilities to be clean, safe, and simple. We strive to keep our kids and our community safe and enjoyable. We care about our environment, and work diligently to leave as small a footprint on it as we can. Our campus couldn't be in a more beautiful setting. Come, and enjoy it with us!

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Pastor John (2018).jpg

John Bell
Senior Pastor

John has been the pastor at Foothills f0r more than 20 years. With an MDiv from Southwestern Baptist Theological seminary and a Dmin from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, John is passionate about the local church and teaching truth from God's Word in applicable ways. John is a loving pastor, husband and father. He enjoys hiking and can often be found at Gold's Gym getting in a good workout.Send John a note.


Greg Schoendaller
Church Administrator

Greg is our church administrator and serves on our Ministry Leadership Team. When he isn't freelancing in our church office, Greg is a computer programmer. He enjoys Bible Study, evangelism, and oversees our community partnership with Vine Maple Place. In his free time, Greg enjoys walking, movies, and football played by the Huskies and Seahawks! Send Greg a note.

Carlotta (2018).jpg

Marc Nilsen
Ministry Director

Marc is our ministry director and finds great joy in helping people to get plugged in to a place they are gifted to serve. When he isn't busy serving in his many roles at Foothills, Marc is works with the human resources department of the Seattle Housing Authority. In his free time, Marc enjoys working outdoors, kayaking, or enjoying a good book. Send Marc a note.


Carlotta Spears
Administrative Assistant

Carlotta is the grease that keeps our office moving. If it is happening at Foothills, Carlotta knows all about it. When she isn't busy in the office, Carlotta is a book worm and a loving Grandmother who spends as much time with her family as humanly possible. She has an infectious laugh and a helpful spirit! She can't wait for you to call her or send her an note.


Randy McClure
Evangelism Director

Randy is our Evangelism director and a member of our Ministry Leadership Team. HE is passionate about the Gospel and is a Bible Study teacher as well. When Randy isn't busy with one of our outreach efforts, he drives a bus as a part of the Seattle Metro Transit System. Send Randy a note.


Edwin Burwell
Fellowship Director

Edwin is our Fellowship Director and a member of our Ministry Leadership Team. Edwin oversees all aspects of church fellowship. He also teaches Bible study and leads our team of ushers. When he isn't serving our church body, Edwin works for Shuttle Express in a number of ways. He enjoys spending time with his grandkids (and their parents)! Send Edwin a note.